Monday, March 21, 2011

Our Last meeting report

On Saturday the 19th of March 2011 we had a wonderful meeting with the children. We thank God that more than 40 children were present and participated actively in all the activities we had planned for them. We had games and did some revisions from the things we did in our last meeting and the home work we gave them  to do. Colette taught the children two new songs and we are happy they are learning quickly. On our last meeting, some children gave their lives to Jesus after listening to the gospel, by pastor Eduard, therefore we shared tracks and New Testament Bibles to those who can read, During our question answer sessions, we encourage the kids with little motivator gifts and told them to keep studying the Bible and also their work from school.
Next week in Cameroon, it will be a short school break combined with Easter. We are planning on having more intense activities with the children, and if possible try to teach new games, act a drama about the birth and death and resurrection of Jesus, we are also going to carry out some coloring and printing of pictures you know decoration. All this to get the children to know the joy there is to be with Jesus Christ, sharing with other but most essentially to plant the word of God and the knowledge of Jesus in their hearts. I can bet you the children are learning seriously and do retain the things we are teaching them.
Thanks for reading our post today and keep reading as we try to keep you up to date.God bless you.

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