Friday, December 14, 2012

             We apologize for not putting up updates on Our Children's AWANA program ,reason being that we went for a three months Training in an area where there is poor internet connection. Nevertheless our AWANA programs were still going on with Donald and Venant doing a great job, teaching the children. Now our training is done and we are planning on taking the Bread For life AWANA program all over the 10 provinces in Cameroon as the Lord will lead us. 

Our 2012 Report
                    This year 2012 we were able to meet with more than five Hundred children in the three provinces in Cameroon. Centre Province Yaounde, North West province Bossa and Bambili Village, Eastern Province Bertoua and Dimako. We also have our programs running with South West in Sumbe. Our goal for 2013 is to get to atleast 7 of the 10 provinces in Cameroon and get the number of children in our AWANA programs to 1000. We are trusting God for this and also the resources we will need to get this done. Do pray with us that the Lord will lead us and that we will trust in Him completely for this and not ourselves and that we will give Him all the glory. Below are a couple of pictures .

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Grace Tait Shelter: WELCOME

GTCS is under the direction of Pastor Mark and Nancy Waite formerly of Edgewood, New Mexico.  Mark and Nancy moved to the orphanage in September of 2011 to provide on-site leadership and management in the place of Grace Tait who became seriously ill in July 2011 and passed away and went to be with the Lord this past fall. Four of Mark and Nancy's seven children accompanied them into this ministry in Cameroon, Africa.
Please keep the Grace Tait Shelter and the Waite family in your prayers. 

If you would like more information about our ministry or if you would like to recieve email updates on the Waite's ministry in Cameroon please contact Sara Waite (Mark and Nancy's oldest daughter):

Please visit to see the newest pictures and read the latest updates from the Waite family.

If you would like to financially help the Waites in their service to the Shelter, please follow this link

Friday, April 20, 2012


 Our Last Outreach was intense and think the pictures talk for themselves. We had games fun and competitions and Bible recitations. The Dohmatop's Children were best  with the Recitation's of Memory verses from the Bible. The waite Family and children participated and it was interesting to see Esther and Peter. Guess the pictures talk for themselves.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Children Outreach/AWANA Report 24th March 2012

                  Children Outreach/AWANA Report 24th March 2012

                The children’s outreach, "winning children for Christ" meeting on Saturday 24th March 2012 was a success thanks to the Lord who saw us through. The outreach was schedule for 2:00 pm. Donald Aneng one of the Team Directors of the Damas branch was in place by 12:30pm, were he prepared the Bread for Life Guest House.  By 1:45 pm Enyang Martin and Venant Zagache arrived and a short preparatory meeting with prayers was held. At 2:00pm three children arrived and we decided to start our program with them, presenting the New AWANA workbooks to the children we helped them write their names in their respective workbooks. We also noticed that amongst the three children present, one of them called Reunise had skin infection in both her feet. After inquires, we discovered infection has been persisting for six months. Venant, a medical personnel sent a little note to Reunise parents advising them on what to do.  By the time we got the three children write their names in their AWANA workbooks, 11 more children arrived taking the number to 14 children with another helper Linda. We continued with the name writing exercise and took a few pictures.
                      After the names were written we introduced the first volume of the AWANA workbook to the children and the course encouraged the children to work and study the books. We then went outside for fun and games and to get camera shots. By the time we were through with this another group of children arrived, taking the total number to 22. Inquiring about the others, we learned some had gone for holidays, it is Easter break in Cameroonian schools. Some also went to farms to help their parents and others went to attend birthday parties. Nevertheless, we thank God that some children were present. We then took the opportunity to ask about their studies and did a question and answer session on the Bible, with gifts to those who answered correctly. We plan for our next Program with the kids on the 31st March 2012 and asked them what activities they would like to do.  We then shared a little snack with the children and by the end the meeting, the number of children present had gotten to 35.

We noticed that amongst these children, some presented cases of untreated or badly treated sickness we notice tooth problems and untreated conjunctivitis. Added to this we also realized that some of the children went to farms to help their parents just to make ends meet and pay their school fees. Others came in with dirty or torn cloths which are only covered by AWANA T shirts they wear. And yet others had not eaten since morning and the little snacks we gave them could not satisfy them completely. We are therefore praying to the Lord to provide for us and also send our ways partners and donors to support the programs and provide the basic necessities to these children so that they can have normal lives come to  know the Lord and study the Bible with us. If you are called by the Lord to partner with us or to help or support our work in anyway, you can contact Bread For Life International on Behalf of the children’s Outreach/AWANA program
P.O. Box 291307
815 Jefferson St. Suites 200
Kerrville, TX 78029 Or

Contact: Bread For Life International
Cameroon Branch
P.O. box 1296
Immeuble Hajal suite 602

Donald and Venant helping the children write their names in their AWANA workbooks

Closing prayer.
hope the pictures have given a little glimpse of our work

Enyang Martin Leading the  Question answer session with the children.
Sharing some Snacks with the Children

Friday, March 2, 2012

winningchildrenforchrist: Saturday 26 February Children's outreach

winningchildrenforchrist: Saturday 26 February Children's outreach: On Saturday 26 February 2012 our children's program took a new turn thanks to the efforts of Venant, one of the volunteers.we decided t...

Saturday 26 February Children's outreach

On Saturday 26 February 2012 our children's program took a new turn thanks to the efforts of Venant, one of the volunteers.we decided to take the children on a door to door evangelism so they could talk to their friends, preach the gospel to them and invite them over to our programs. Wearing their AWANA T Shirts we went from door to door in the Damas neighborhood singing loud and clear about Jesus and God's love for us. We let the children answer the questions of the different parents we met and through this won over the trust of parents who willingly permitted their children to attend the children's Outreach/AWANA programs. We also got 30 new children register for our programs and teaching lessons. We certainly believe this is God's doing and these are open doors for the gospel to be preach not only to children but to parents as well. Please pray with us and partner with us in this work to preach the gospel without using a denomination but preaching Christ to those who do not know him . Feel free to ask questions we are ready to answer you at all times.We are a branch or an extension of Bread for life International and you can get more info by calling 237 78985480 or contacting directly Bread for life Cameroon. email or

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Children's outreach 27th January 2012

We had our Children's outreach program with the Children in Damas in the Bread For Life Guest House. Forty children were present and as usual we had games , singing and Bible memorization. We will be doing the AWANA curriculum on our next outreach. In the different regions in Cameroon where we've started the children's outreach, the programs went on normally and by God's grace we will give updates too monthly on these regions. But for information, we have 5 areas where we carry out programs, Yaounde Damas, Yaounde Etoug-Ebe, Ebah East, Sumbe South West, Bamenda. we have  6 invitations to come start the outreaches in 6 different Areas and we pray that God will provide us with the means, materials and personnel to respond to these invitations. We have also added to our programs a weekly door to door evangelism, to meet Adults and parents with the gospel. We pray for God's favor and mercy as we go out. You know its not easy to knock a door and inform the inhabitants of the house that you want to tell them the good news. But with God we know all things are possible. Added to this, there is the urgency to announce the gospel while there is still time, for doors are still open . Let us pray that God will keep open doors and give us partners who, not only are willing to help but also go out with us on this work. God bless you all as we look forward on given more updates and progress on our Work

 Onward Christian Soldiers,
Marching as to war
With the cross of Jesus Going on Before

The field is ripe the field is ripe
Harvest is now harvest is now
Come all yea servants of the Lord
Pray to the Lord to send out laborers
Come to the Lord
Pray to Him
Evangelist rise up and go
Give up all you do and serve the Lord
Heaven is near Heaven is near

 God speaks to us as such
My children you know what time
What times we live in
So live properly
So live properly

For night is almost over
And day will soon appear
You must not behave as men
Who live in dark and in sins

God speaks to us as such
My children you know what time
What times we live in
So live properly
So live properly

For night is almost over
And day will soon appear
You must not behave as men
Who live in dark and in sins