Friday, December 14, 2012

             We apologize for not putting up updates on Our Children's AWANA program ,reason being that we went for a three months Training in an area where there is poor internet connection. Nevertheless our AWANA programs were still going on with Donald and Venant doing a great job, teaching the children. Now our training is done and we are planning on taking the Bread For life AWANA program all over the 10 provinces in Cameroon as the Lord will lead us. 

Our 2012 Report
                    This year 2012 we were able to meet with more than five Hundred children in the three provinces in Cameroon. Centre Province Yaounde, North West province Bossa and Bambili Village, Eastern Province Bertoua and Dimako. We also have our programs running with South West in Sumbe. Our goal for 2013 is to get to atleast 7 of the 10 provinces in Cameroon and get the number of children in our AWANA programs to 1000. We are trusting God for this and also the resources we will need to get this done. Do pray with us that the Lord will lead us and that we will trust in Him completely for this and not ourselves and that we will give Him all the glory. Below are a couple of pictures .

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