Friday, March 2, 2012

Saturday 26 February Children's outreach

On Saturday 26 February 2012 our children's program took a new turn thanks to the efforts of Venant, one of the volunteers.we decided to take the children on a door to door evangelism so they could talk to their friends, preach the gospel to them and invite them over to our programs. Wearing their AWANA T Shirts we went from door to door in the Damas neighborhood singing loud and clear about Jesus and God's love for us. We let the children answer the questions of the different parents we met and through this won over the trust of parents who willingly permitted their children to attend the children's Outreach/AWANA programs. We also got 30 new children register for our programs and teaching lessons. We certainly believe this is God's doing and these are open doors for the gospel to be preach not only to children but to parents as well. Please pray with us and partner with us in this work to preach the gospel without using a denomination but preaching Christ to those who do not know him . Feel free to ask questions we are ready to answer you at all times.We are a branch or an extension of Bread for life International and you can get more info by calling 237 78985480 or contacting directly Bread for life Cameroon. email or

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