Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Report on the Children’s outreach ministry WC4C 19th November 2011

On Saturday the 19th of December we had our normal children’s outreach program at Bread For life guest house. The Program was normally schedule for 3 pm but surprisingly, some children were present at midday. Donald took care of the children from midday talking the Bible with them, while they waited for me to come. At 2:55 pm I arrived with two children from my quarters who were interested in the program. Everything was then set and we started the program. We watched a children Animation cartoon entitled ICE AGE 1 and an hour later we went outside to play and take some pictures then we shared a little about our work to the children. There were more children than we had anticipated, 70 in total and two visitors. That brought the total attendance including I, Pastor Eduard and Donald to 75 persons. We then grouped the children in age groups and Pastor Eduard took over with the games. We had games for about 35 minutes and latter shared some refreshments with the children. We then prayed ended the program and programed another meeting for the 3 December 2011 as God wills.

 -Please pray that as God brings more and more children , He will also equip us with patience love and care, so that we can meet the children at the point of their spiritual need, while we are hoping to start helping them materially too.

-Pray with us that God will provide us with the necessary materials we need to carry out the programs. We need Bibles, laptops, video Camera, speakers, microphones, toys, pens, pencils, books, writing papers. Already we are grateful to God for the useful material, provided by Bread For life International, like the locale, projectors chairs and other working materials etc.
-Pray that God will grant us favor before the guardians and parents of the children so that they are permitted to attend the programs
-Pray that we will present the gospel to the children in a clear way and that they will accept Jesus as their savior and Lord
-Pray that God will bring many more people who will help us in the children’s outreach.
-pray that God will lead us out once a week to share the gospel to the children and meet their parents
-Pray for the children as God will lay the need in your heart.
-Pray that God will give us more partners who will be willing to work with us providing spiritual and material support

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