Thursday, December 22, 2011

17 December 2011 children outreach report.

Our program started at 1 pm with five children present. We started by projecting a children’s movie and then went out to play with the kids. We are really impress by the things the children have learned in a short time we have been with them, and how much they are willing to share with the other kids. The last program we had had 30 children present, we played shared about God. There was much fun and complicity among the children and many are learning .Some accepted Jesus as savior, and we pray others will follow.
-Please pray with us that God will help the children understand to understand the gospel as we share with them
-Pray that God will give us people who will care and teach and love the children
-pray that the parents will see the need to keep sending their children to the programs
-pray that there will be permanent positive changes in the children’s live visible for the parents to see and others
-pray that the children will impact others by their lifestyle
Pray that God will provide us with the materials we need to keep going and to work knowing that it is for His glory alone.

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