Saturday, February 11, 2012

We are sorry for the late update on our programs we have been traveling and having programs with Bread For Life including the Medical outreach in Bertoua. But as promised i will give an update on all the children outreaches we have had since the 25th of December till present hope and also update on the contacts and open doors we have had in different regions in Cameroon to start the programs.

From the last update which took place on the 25 December 2011 we have had different outreaches in different regions including Ebah in the Eastern region, Sumbe in the South West region, Yaounde in the Center region. in the all these regions we, we have a total of 280 children who attended our programs In the North west, 30, South West 70 East 80 and Center 103.

In Yaounde we have had 3 meetings so far on the 31st of December on the 14th of January and the 28th of January. and each has had an outstanding number of children present. We are grateful to God for the Vision to minister to children and for all He has led us through. We are thankful to man and institutions which have been  of help and are supporting us in this endeavor. May God richly bless them.

                                        31st DECEMBER CHILDREN'S OUTREACH

We had our normal outreach with the children and started with  a reminder of the things we learned during the year,then we had games and prayed for the new year 2012. we committed it in the hands of God and ask Him to have His way. Our prayer is that God will bless the children's outreach in Cameroon and the children's ministry in Cameroon and the world. We need partners and open doors in this work to evangelize children and also through them reach out to adults

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