Monday, April 4, 2011


            Jesus Christ is the Word of God,He is the A AND Z, Alpha and Omega of everything, which means He is everything about God. The mind thoughts and words of a person is the person himself, for they truly reflect who that person is and describe the person.Jesus Christ is the mind, thought, and Word of God,making Him at the same time God. If we cannot respect the words of a person then we cannot respect the person in question no matter how hard we try to think, or show respect. The same is true with God and His Word. If we cannot obey God's word, His thoughts and mind which is revealed in the Holy Bible, then we are not children of God. Becoming BORN AGAIN is not just a confession with the mouth, nor the many so call forms of repentance prayers we make on the different many crusades and conventions we attend. Matthew 7:21 its is not only and appearance nor belonging to a christian community, but it is knowing God John 17:3, believing  John 1:12 and obeying what the word of God says.

             Born again means you are born anew, you are dead to your past. To be born again, you must die to your past, your old ideas, thoughts actions, imaginations,relations, and embrace the thoughts, words, actions, imaginations of God found in the word of God ,the BIBLE. Born Again is permitting God's word to transform and change you knowing for sure that the word of God  is Jesus Christ Himself and it is obeying all the teachings of Jesus. It is taking away your old ways and putting on the thoughts ideas, ways, imaginations of God. It is being like Christ and accepting all He says and teaches unconditionally, which are found in the Holy Bible.2 Corinthians 5:17
              Listen, the black blue or read ink and the Book the Bible, is the same as every other book on the planet, but the ideas, teachings and content of it are the very Word of God through which the Holy Spirit quickens and transforms us. If before you have only been born again with your lips or the lips of others, and you know that your ways ,thoughts, actions, words,imaginations, and relationships haven't changed, then i invite you to believe God today and to truly let the word of God transform,change and make you truly a child of God. Then can you open your mouth and truly confess to the hearing of God, men and the devil that you are born again, a child of God, for the Holy Spirit would have quickened the word of God in you and make you God;s child.

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