Sunday, July 3, 2011

meeting on the 25 june 2011with the children

          On Saturday the 25th of June, we had our gathering with the children; well I will call it a reunion after a two Months break to let them prepare for their third term end of year exams. There were 25 children present, ages ranging from 2 to 17 years old. We started by welcoming every child back and asked of the others who were not present maybe due to other activities. Then we prayed committing the meeting into the hands of the Lord. We latter asked the children about their results in school and asked every child to present themselves (for we had new faces with us). Later we presented a Bible cartoon entitled Moses of Egypt and explained the story to the children. At the end the children were free to ask questions which we gladly answered and then it was time for games.
        At the end of the meeting we shared Bibles, tracks and shared popcorn and drinks with the kids. Then we programmed another meeting on the 9th of July. To end the meeting Colette gave us a closing prayer. We thank God that He was able to lead us and prayed that these children will truly come to know the Lord Jesus and serve Him as they grow bigger. We are asking for your prayers even as we serve the Lord preaching the good news to children. May the Almighty bless you as you participate with us to bring the great commission to children God bless you.

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