Sunday, July 3, 2011

Open doors to evangelise children

We recently had two people who invited us to come and start the children’s ministries in their villages and carry out the same programs we are carrying out in Yaoundé. We are very blessed by this for God is opening doors for children to come to know the Lord. To this effect we contacted a brother to help us in this while we are planning to get to these places by the end of the year. We managed to get some funding and sent him with clothes, footballs, got some drinks and Bibles, Christian literatures and tracks (brochures) we are praying that the Lord through this will get the gospel to the children whom we believe have been neglected for adults in the churches. Your prayers are welcomed and God bless you as you participate with us in this great work of taking the gospel to children and the whole wide world.


  1. May the Good Lord bless you guys for the ministry to children and use you to lead children to Jesus. The first goal of every person should be to gain eternal life far more than the things they can get and bringing up a child with this is important for it teaches them what are the real priorities. Keep up the work as i bring my humble contribution in prayer to support you.

  2. keep the good work and God will open more doors

  3. thank you very much for your encouragements God bless you