Thursday, August 18, 2011

7th August 2011 meeting report

On Sunday 7th August, we had a meeting with the children. we programmed the meeting to start at 2 pm and of course the children were present at the exact time. We started the program by giving thanks to the Almighty God and committed the program into God's hands. then we put the children into3 age groups and and had a series of games. Later we were approached by John Micheal interesting boy of 13 years who gave balloons and it was really fun .Teen Mission from the USA joint us and had some time with the children playing and sharing gifts to them. we all had a wonderful time singing and playing and learning about God. We latter shared some few things to eat Cameroonian meal , jelof rice and had some drinks. At the end we prayed thanked God for everything went on well. Then we had a chart with the children 12 years and above, and we shared the gospel  to them. the all gave their lives to God and we were impressed by of the boys story . His name is Gerlin. we will give an account of his story in our next report. God bless you

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